Over the years I’ve accumulated statues of owls, starting off with the realistic metal one, and at present ending with the Etna volcanics one. Here they are in all their glory :

All the owls

The original one The original one, used for a while by my parents as a proper bookstand.
Athenian owl The Athenian owl, bought (where else ?) in Athens on the occasion of the Esperanto Congress of 1976.
Owl head from San Marino Owl head bought in San Marino in 1979 (I think).
Crystal owl A crystal owl. Not sure where or when I bought it, it may have been in South Africa, not altogether sure.
Tagua nut owl A speciality from Ecuador, where tagua nuts are carved into a variety of figurines, in this case an owl. Acquired in 2010.
Etna lava owl An owl carved from Etna lava, acquired in 2016.
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