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White-spectacled Bulbul

Passeriformes #1

Place: Petra, Jordan
Date: 17 April 2012.

[Pycnonotus xanthopygos, Family Pycnonotidae, Order Passeriformes, Wikipedia Entry: White-spectacled bulbul]

The sound of the white-spectacled bulbul (borrowed from the Xeno-Canto website, recordist Sander Bot)


Mourning Wheatear

Passeriformes #2

Place: Wadi Rum, Jordan
Date: 19 april 2012.

[Oenanthe lugens, Family Muscicapidae, Order Passeriformes, Wikipedia Entry: Mourning wheatear]

The sound of the mourning wheatear (borrowed from the Xeno-Canto website, recordist Manuel Schweizer)