Phylogeny of Birds (Nature)

Here’s a summary diagram of the article in Nature on “A comprehensive phylogeny of birds (Aves) using targeted next-generation DNA sequencing“. Obviously this will have substantial implications for my classification pages, but I think I might wait until the fall-out from this article becomes more clear.

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In Wikipedia :

	Struthio (Struthionidae, Struthioniformes)
	Rhea (Rheidae, Rheiformes)
	Apteryx (Apterygidae, Apterygiformes)
	Casuarius (Casuariidae, Casuariiformes)
	Dromaius (Dromaiidae, Casuariiformes)
	* Tinamiformes
		Eudromia (Tinamidae)
		Nothoprocta (Tinamidae)
		Crypturellus (Tinamidae)
		Tinamus (Tinamidae)
	* Galliformes
		Leipoa (Megapodiidae)
		Ortalis (Cracidae)
		Crax (Cracidae)
		Numida (Numididae)
		Odontophorus (Odontophoridae)
		Colinus (Odontophoridae)
		Rollulus (Phasianidae)
		Bonasa (Phasianidae)
		Gallus (Phasianidae)
	* Anseriformes
		Chauna (Anhimidae)
		Anseranas (Anseranatidae)
		Dendrocygna (Anatidae)
		Oxyura (Anatidae)
		Anser (Anatidae)
		Anas (Anatidae)
		Aythya (Anatidae)
	==> Strisores
		Eurostopodus (Caprimulgidae, Caprimulgiformes)
		Caprimulgus (Caprimulgidae, Caprimulgiformes)
		Chordeiles (Caprimulgidae, Caprimulgiformes)
		Steatornis (Steatornithidae, ?Caprimulgiformes)
		Nyctibius (Nyctibiidae, Caprimulgiformes)
		Podargus (Podargidae, Caprimulgiformes)
		Aegotheles (Aegothelidae, Aegotheliformes)
			Hemiprocne (Hemiprocnidae)
			Streptoprocne (Apodidae)
			Chaetura (Apodidae)
			Topaza (Trochilidae)
			Phaetornis (Trochilidae)
			Archilochus (Trochilidae)
	==> Columbaves
		-> Otidimorphae
			Tauraco (Musophagidae, Musophagiformes)
			Corythaeola (Musophagidae, Musophagiformes)
			Ardeotis (Otididae, Otidiformes)
			Tapera (Cuculidae, Cuculiformes)
			Centropus (Cuculidae, Cuculiformes)
			Cuculus (Cuculidae, Cuculiformes)
			Coccyzus (Cuculidae, Cuculiformes)
		-> Columbimorphae
			Monias (Mesitornithidae, Mesitornithiformes)
			Mesitornis (Mesitornithidae, Mesitornithiformes)
			Syrrhaptes (Pteroclididae, Pteroclidiformes)
			Pterocles (Pteroclididae, Pteroclidiformes)
			Ptilinopus (Columbidae, Columbiformes)
			Treron (Columbidae, Columbiformes)
			Columbina (Columbidae, Columbiformes)
			Leptotila (Columbidae, Columbiformes)
			Columba (Columbidae, Columbiformes)
	* Gruiformes
		Heliornis (Heliornithidae)
		Sarothrura (Sarothruridae)
		Rallus (Rallidae)
		Micropygia (Rallidae)
		Porphyrio (Rallidae)
		Psophia (Psophiidae)
		Aramus (Aramidae)
		Balearica (Gruidae)
		Grus (Gruidae)
	==> Aequorlitornithes
		Phoenicopterus (Phoenicopteridae, Phoenicopteriformes)
		Rollandia (Podicipedidae, Podicipediformes)
		Burhinus (Burhinidae, Charadriiformes)
		Charadrius (Charadriidae, Charadriiformes)
		Haematopus (Haematopodidae, Charadriiformes)
		Recurvirostra (Recurvirostridae, Charadriiformes)
		Pedionomus (Pedionomidae, Charadriformes)
		Jacana (Jacanidae, Charadriiformes)
		Rostratula (Rostratulidae, Charadriiformes)
		Limosa (Scolopacidae, Charadriiformes)
		Arenaria (Scolopacidae, Charadriiformes)
		Tringa (Scolopacidae, Charadriiformes)
		Turnix (Turnicidae, Turniciformes)
		Glareola (Glareolidae, Charadriiformes)
		Uria (Alcidae, Charadriiformes)
		Chroicocephalus (Laridae, Charadriiformes)
		Sterna (Sternidae, Charadriiformes)
		Rynchops (Rynchopidae, Charadriiformes)
		Eurypyga (Eurypygidae, Eurypygiformes)
		Phaethon (Phaethontidae, Phaethontiformes)
		Gavia (Gaviidae, Gaviiformes)
		Spheniscus (Spheniscidae, Sphenisciformes)
		Phoebastria (Diomedeidae, Procellariiformes)
		Oceanites (Hydrobatidae, Procellariiformes)
		Pelagodroma (Hydrobatidae, Procellariiformes)
		Oceanodroma (Hydrobatidae, Procellariiformes)
		Fulmarus (Procellariidae, Procellariiformes)
		Puffinus (Procellariidae, Procellariiformes)
		Pterodroma (Procellariidae, Procellariiformes)
		Pelecanoides (Pelecanoididae, Procellariiformes)
		Ciconia (Ciconiidae, Ciconiiformes)
		Leptopilos (Ciconiidae, Ciconiiformes)
		Fregata (Fregatidae, Suliformes)
		Morus (Sulidae, Suliformes)
		Anhinga (Anhingidae, Suliformes)
		Phalacrocorax (Phalacrocoracidae, Suliformes)
		Theristicus (Threskiornithidae, Pelecaniformes)
		Tigrisoma (Ardeidae, Pelecaniformes)
		Ardea (Ardeidae, Pelecaniformes)
		Ixobruchus (Ardeidae, Pelecaniformes)
		Scopus (Scopidae, Pelecaniformes)
		Balaeniceps (Balaenicipitidae, Pelecaniformes)
		Pelecanus (Pelecanidae, Pelecaniformes)
	==> Inopinaves
		Opisthocomus (Opisthocomidae, Opisthocomiformes)
		* Accipitriformes
			Cathartes (Cathartidae, Cathartiformes)
			Vultur (Cathartidae, Cathartiformes)
			Sagittarius (Sagittariidae)
			Pandion (Pandionidae)
			Elanus (Accipitridae)
			Buteo (Accipitridae)
			Accipiter (Accipitridae)
		* Strigiformes
			Tyto (Tytonidae)
			Strix (Strigidae)
		-> Coraciimorphae
			Colius (Coliidae, Coliiformes)
			Urocolius (Coliidae, Coliiformes)
			Leptosomus (Leptosomidae, Leptosomiformes)
			Trogon (Trogonidae, Trogoniformes)
			Apaloderma (Trogonidae, Trogoniformes)
			Upupa (Upupidae, Bucerotiformes)
			Phoeniculus (Phoeniculidae, Bucerotiformes)
			Bucorvus (Bucorvidae, Bucerotiformes)
			Tockus (Bucerotidae, Bucerotiformes)
			Merops (Meropidae, Coraciiformes)
			Coracias (Coraciidae, Coraciiformes)
			Atelornis (Brachypteraciidae, Coraciiformes)
			Todus (Todidae, Coraciiformes)
			Momotus (Momotidae, Coraciiformes)
			Alcedo (Alcedinidae, Coraciiformes)
			Chloroceryle (Cerylidae, Coraciiformes)
			Galbula (Galbulidae, Piciformes)
			Bucco (Bucconidae, Piciformes)
			Chelidoptera (Bucconidae, Piciformes)
			Indicator (Indicatoridae, Piciformes)
			Jynx (Picidae, Piciformes)
			Picus (Picidae, Piciformes)
			Megalaima (Megalaimidae, Piciformes)
			Buccanodon (Lybiidae, Piciformes)
			Capito (Capitonidae, Piciformes)
			Ramphastos (Ramphastidae, Piciformes)
		-> Australaves
			Cariama (Cariamidae, Cariamiformes)
			Chunga (Cariamidae, Cariamiformes)
			Micrastur (Falconidae, Falconiformes)
			Falco (Falconidae, Falconiformes)
			Ibycter (Falconidae, Falconiformes)
			Caracara (Falconidae, Falconiformes)
			Nestor (Nestoridae, Psittaciformes)
			Probosciger (Cacatuidae, Psittaciformes)
			Barnardius (Psittaculidae, Psittaciformes)
			Psittrichas (Psittrichasiidae, Psittaciformes)
			Psittacus (Psittacidae, Psittaciformes)
			Deroptyus (Psittacidae, Psittaciformes)
			* Passeriformes
				Acanthisitta (Acanthisittidae)
				Pitta (Pittidae)
				Smithornis (Eurylaimidae)
				Calyptomena (Eurylaimidae)
				Eurylaimus (Eurylaimidae)
				Neodrepanis (Philepittidae)
				Melanopareia (Melanopareiidae)
				Myrmornis (Thamnophilidae)
				Thamnophilus (Thamnophilidae)
				Terenura (Thamnophilidae)
				Myrmothera (Grallariidae)
				Sclerurus (Furnariidae)
				Furnarius (Furnariidae)
				Lepidocolaptes (Furnariidae)
				Neopelma (Pipridae)
				Cryptopipo (Pipridae)
				Ceratopipra (Pipridae)
				Rupicola (Cotingidae)
				Cotinga (Cotingidae)
				Oxyruncus (Oxyruncidae)
				Myiobius (Tityridae)
				Schiffornis (Tityridae)
				Tityra (Tityridae)
				Piprites (i.s.)
				Rhynchocyclus (Tyrannidae)
				Hirundinea (Tyrannidae)
				Elaenia (Tyrannidae)
				Hymenops (Tyrannidae)
				Tyrannus (Tyrannidae)
				Menura (Menuridae)
				Climacteris (Climacteridae)
				Sericulus (Ptilonorhynchidae)
				Ptilonorhynchus (Ptilonorhynchidae)
				Malurus (Maluridae)
				Lophorina (Paradisaeidae)
				Corvus (Corvidae)
				Poecile (Paridae)
				Calandrella (Alaudidae)
				Pycnonotus (Pycnonotidae)
				Sylvia (Sylviidae)
				Regulus (Regulidae)
				Turdus (Turdidae)
				Fringilla (Fringillidae)
				Spizella (Emberizidae)

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