Bird Classification

This is an attempt to reflect the latest state of knowledge of high-level bird taxonomy. For the overall classification for Aves, I have included as my main sources two fairly recent DNA-based studies, one from Nature and one from Science:

Another good source, which I haven’t explored in depth yet, is the OneZoom Tree of Life Explorer for birds.

If anyone thinks I’ve gone wrong anywhere, feel free to comment. I endeavour to browse through the IOC Bird List, especially the Family List, to make sure that I get my classification up to the latest standard.

For a more detailed taxonomy of the Passeriformes, I’ve tried to follow the article on Passerines in Wikipedia (still work in progress).

I’ve also added a British Bird List for comparison with the pictures I’ve got available for the blogs.

Superorder Palaeognathae

Superorder Neognathae

Taxon Galloanserae

Taxon Strisores

Taxon Columbaves

Taxon Gruiformes

Taxon Aequorlithornithes

Taxon Inopinaves


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