Lundy Walking Notes

Tuesday 9 August

  • luggage and tent arrived from boat around 3pm
  • 5pm talk in tavern on Lundy wildlife
  • evening walk east side of island to Quarry Pond (wheatear), back via Pondsbury (skylark) and Old Light (wheatear)

Wednesday 10 August

  • morning walk on east side (ravens on fence posts and White Beach rocks), back via Quarter Wall Pond and main path to village (ravens in pig pen)
  • drizzle until about 11am
  • walk to north end of island (shags on Long Roost south of lighthouse, also flying fulmar, wheatear in grass, gannets in and over sea north of north end of the island); on way back meadow pipit in West Sideland in northern half of the island, hovering kestrel over Jenny’s Cove
  • evening walk through Millcombe Valley up along east side of island (immature chaffinch and wheatear at Millcombe, shags and lesser black-backed gull on rocks near White Beach, gannets fishing off the coast, kestrel near granite quarries)

Thursday 11 August

  • morning walk west from campsite, south to South West Point, and back to Castle Hill (wheatear and willow warbler on wall not far from castle)
  • at Landing Bay for 12.30 guided walk
  • late afternoon walk to Battery Point, east towards main path along quarter wall (wheatear), back via Pondsbury (mostly herring gulls on pond, also mallards, one with 2 ducklings)
  • evening walk to Landing Bay (shag fishing off the coast, oystercatcher near beach)

Friday 12 August

  • feeders near campsite : sparrows, starlings, goldfinch
  • all day walk to north point on east side (herring gulls near Gannet Rock, shags on rocks near north lighthouse), back via west side (wren in Punchbowl Valley)

Saturday 13 August

  • drizzle / fog until late morning
  • feeders near campsite : sparrows, starlings
  • morning walk along west coast to Threequarter Wall (wren in Punchbowl Valley, hovering kestrel over Jenny’s Cove), back along lower eastern path (wheatear)
  • short walk to castle (meadow pipit and skylark with begging young)
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