Fighting Identity Amnesia

Taking a break until the end of June. See you then.
In the meantime, have a look at the newly created pages on Skomer Island under Hot Spots

Here's looking at you ... Have you ever had the feeling that you’ve taken pictures of a bird, identified it, and after a few months forgotten all about it ? This is intended to be my answer to amnesia. I intend to post some pictures in the blog and classify them in the Galleries (#1, #2, #3, #4). A mix-and-match of the British List and my life list can be found here.

I’ve also added some location-based galleries of places of particular interest (see Hot Spots in the menu) – the Galapagos archipelago, Botswana and Argentina & Brazil. More recent additions are a record of birds encountered on Lundy Island and Skomer, as well as an entry on the Somerset Levels and the nearby Forest Farm nature reserve.

Latest blog entry : SWALLOW-TAILED HUMMINGBIRD (16 May 2017)

Some recent blog entries :

15 May

Mistle Thrush
14 May

Canada Goose
9 May

8 May


Taking a break. Back towards the end of June.

Coming Soon:

  • 30 June – African Yellow White-eye
  • 1 July – Common Sandpiper
  • 2 July – Grey Heron Wiggling Its Body
  • 3 July – More Forest Farm Kingfishers
  • 4 July – Gabar Goshawk

Some more pages :

I hope this is of any use to visitors, including myself. If not, leave any suggestions for improvement in the comments box. Especially suspect identifications should be flagged up, so that I can put them right.

Note: All the photographs as well as the YouTube videos in the blog are mine. Still, I don’t mind if people want to use them elsewhere (you’ll find a small number of the pictures in Wikimedia Commons).

On a number of pages I have embedded bird sounds which come from Xeno-Canto’s sound library, and the UK distribution maps on some pages come from the Bird Atlas Mapstore. If anyone has any problems with this, please contact me, and I’ll see what I can do.

P.S. With special thanks to the Bird Identification Q&A part of the Bird Forum for helping me out on several occasions. Their comments have always been concise, spot on and courteous.

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