Lundy Birds List

The Birds of Lundy (2005)

Resources used in setting up this page are:

  1. the map borrowed from the Lundy Island web site for indicating the presence of various birds; and
  2. the bird listing from “The Birds of Lundy” (2005) by Tim Davies and Tim Jones.


No Picture Available
Seen flying in Millcombe Valley, as well as being flushed when passing through St Helen’s copse (dates not recorded).

Carrion CrowNB

No Picture Available
Mostly seen in fields of the lower quarter of the island, like Tent Field, South West Field, Lighthouse Field or Ackland’s Moor (seen most days when walking through these fields).


Juvenile spotted in Millcombe Valley (10 August).


Captured flying past when photographing shags near Long Roost south of the North Lighthouse (10 August).


Seen on two occasion north of North West Point (10 and 12 August). Also observed fishing off White Beach (10 August).


Seen amongst the sparrows and starlings near the feeders next to the campsite (12 August).

Herring GullNB

Seen along most parts of the coastline, as well as using Pondsbury (11 August) as a resting place.

House SparrowB

Mostly restricted around the village, often seen near the feeders next to the campsite. Seen throughout the visit.


Seen on two occasions hovering near Jenny’s Cove (10 and 13 August). Also seen sitting on the ground near the granite quarries (10 August).

Lesser Black-backed GullNB

Seen around most parts of the coastline. Picture is taken near White Beach together with some shags (10 August).


Seen group of mallards on Pondsbury. Also Female with two ducklings (11 August).

Meadow PipitB

Seen in the northern half of West Sideland (10 August), as well as near the castle (13 August).


Seen in Landing Bay near the pier (11 August). Also seen one fly from the western to the eastern shore near the halfway wall (10 August).


No Picture Available
Seen flying in fast, swooping movements across parts of the island near the North Lighthouse (10 August).


Seen on east side on fence posts and White Beach rocks, also in the pig pen during feeding time (10 August).


Seen on rocks near North Lighthouse (10 & 12 August), also near White Beach rocks (10 August) and fishing off the coast in Landing Bay (11 August).


Seen not far from Quarterwall Pond (9 August), as well as the castle (13 August).


Mostly seen near the village and the church every day of our visit.


No Picture Available
Mostly seen near the village, improved fields and seen flying into the church porch.


Widespread across the island, seen in many parts and on most days.

Willow WarblerB

Seen coming from Shutter Point and approaching the castle (11 August).

Wood PigeonNB

No Picture Available
Seen in Millcombe and St. John’s Valley, as well as flushed from the trees in St. Helen’s copse.


Seen Punchbowl Valley (12 and 13 August).
Note: (B) part of an existing blog – (NB) not part of an existing blog
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