Little Egret


Place: Minsmere RSPB reserve, Suffolk
Date: 29 October 2013.

Place: Near St.Just in Roseland, Cornwall
Date: 28 October 2012.

Place: Okavango River, Botswana
Date: 21 August 2012.

Place: Abraão, Ilha Grande, Brazil
Date: 29 April 2014.

Place: Parque Natural de Ria Formosa, Algarve, Portugal
Date: 15 June 2015.

Place: Cley-Next-the-Sea, Norfolk
Date: 1 September 2015.

[Egretta garzetta, Family Ardeidae, Order Pelecaniformes, Wikipedia Entry: Little egret]

The sound of the little egret (borrowed from the Xeno-Canto website, recordist Marco Dragonetti)

Distribution of the little egret across the British Isles (borrowed from the Bird Atlas Mapstore).


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